1. To make greater, more numerous, or more intense.

2. To magnify the potential of your organization to accomplish your goals.

3. To expand your agency's fundraising capacity and capability.

College of Fundraising Knowledge FAQS

Q.  What is the College of Fundraising Knowledge? 

A.  The College of Fundraising Knowledge is filled with information about fundraising that is accessible from this website. There are no buildings and no classrooms. This college is for people who want practical fundraising knowledge they can use immediately.

Q.  How do I enroll?

A.  There’s no enrollment, no application forms, no tests, no credits, no degrees. You qualify yourself as a student. Then, you download a course and set your own timeframe for completing it. If you’d like a diploma, each course contains a certificate which you can print out, frame, and display.

Q.  Who are the typical students? What do they want?

A.  Self-starters. Motivated learners who have limited time and prefer to set their own pace.

Our students expect practical results. They trust in their own ability to go through the course, complete the workbook, and apply what they have learned in their own work situation.

Most students have experience as paid staff or volunteers with some fundraising responsibilities. Others know that fundraising expertise will help them in their career.

Some students are looking for new information. Others want to reinforce their current knowledge and put it into context.  Some want to organize what they know in order to do better planning.

Q.  Will I be studying alone?

A.  Most students work on their own. Others find one or two others who are interested in the course and work through it together. Each course contains discussion questions which may be used by one student or in a group.

Some students prefer feedback from an instructor. These students have the option of purchasing an hour or more of coaching from Augment. 

Q.  How do I get started?

A.  Download the free course, Fundraising 101.

To read your free course, you will need to have a recent version of Adobe Reader installed. To download the latest version of this free software from Adobe, click here or on the image below, then install it according to the provided instructions.