1. To make greater, more numerous, or more intense.

2. To magnify the potential of your organization to accomplish your goals.

3. To expand your agency's fundraising capacity and capability.

For Nonprofit Organizations –
Consulting Services to augment your Fundraising Success

• Energize your fundraising efforts.
• Build your fundraising capacity without hiring additional staff.
• Extra hands & extra knowledge – right now.

YOUR ANNUAL CAMPAIGN – Find more donors, more gifts, bigger gifts. Raise more unrestriced money year after year.

STRATEGIC PLANNING – Create a business plan for your nonprofit. A plan-of-action makes you more nimble.

TRAINING – Gain the confidence to take your organization to the next level in fundraising. Workshops at your location for staff, board, and other volunteers.

COACHING – A personal trainer for you and your career. Capitalize on a new challenge or opportunity.

Augment is registered as fundraising counsel in California where these consulting services are available.