Create the nonprofit equivalent of a business plan. A written plan makes you more nimble in today’s fast-moving world.

Here’s what Augment can do for you: 

•  Prepare Your Multi-Year Strategic Plan — Your board and staff are your strategic planning team. The team has ideas about your organization’s future, but needs a written plan with goals, objectives, activities, timelines, and a budget to achieve the right outcome. Learn more.

•  Revisit & Update Existing Plans — You have a written strategic plan that needs updating. If your strategic plan is at least a year old — or if your nonprofit has experienced significant change recently — you want to update your plan. The plan is a working document, not an end product. Learn more.

• Plan and Facilitate Your Board Retreat — You have one or more days set aside for a retreat, and you want to make the most of that commitment. An outside consultant can help your group in many ways. Learn more.

•  Facilitate Your Meeting — You know that everyone on your team needs to participate in the meeting. An outside facilitator can manage your meeting, keep you on time and task, and help you accomplish more. Learn more.