1. To make greater, more numerous, or more intense.

2. To magnify the potential of your organization to accomplish your goals.

3. To expand your agency's fundraising capacity and capability.

Augment Consulting Services to augment your Fundraising Success
Since 1980

Why Choose Augment as Your Consultant?

You need augment if :

•  You have a fundraising or organizational problem that needs a fresh perspective and a creative solution.

“A perfect blend of high level information and specific, targeted advice.”

•  Your organization needs greater resources to triumph over challenges in your environment.

 “Augment uncovered critical information that we have used to brand our organization and build better relationships with our donors.”

•  You want to grow your fundraising capacity to the next level.

 “You did an outstanding job of guiding us in the development & implementation of our fundraising plan.”

•  You need expertise you don’t have.

 “Our direct mail results significantly improved.”

 “A strategic approach to grants was exactly what we needed.”

•  You need an experienced professional to manage a project.

 “Augment is very professional and gets the job done.  It is a pleasure to work in such an open and cooperative environment.”

“Augment sees the big picture and pays attention to the details.”

•  Your one-person development office takes a leave of absence.

 “Augment hit the ground running for us at a critical time.”

•  You realize an outsider can accomplish some things that an insider cannot.

 “Bringing in an outside point of view helped focus our group.”

“We stayed on time and on target — a first for our board.”

•  You want to build a competency you don’t have.

 “Most valuable was learning how to focus on the donor’s need.”

“We knew where we wanted to be in ten years; now we know how to get there.”

•  Your development staff or volunteers need coaching or training.

 “I love working with you — part therapist, part cheerleader, and always right on with the development message and plan — thanks :).”

“I learned a lot that I am going to use immediately.”

“Great practical knowledge.”

“The workshop was very thorough, fun, informative, valuable, well-presented, and inspiring.”

How Augment Works

Our Consulting Goals

1.  To build a partnership with our clients. We believe in looking at the big picture and determining how we can work together to achieve success. 

2. To be more than the expert you hire. Augment aspires to the additional goal of becoming your trusted advisor. 


Our Consulting Process

1.  Augment listens.

During a free consultation, Augment guides you through a discussion of your situation. What are you doing really well? What are your needs, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities? Do you want advice and information or hands-on action from your consultant?

2.  Together we define the project and budget.

We discuss your role and Augment’s role. We set achievable goals and determine a timeline for your project. We look for ways to help you build capacity and to provide you with the greatest value for your investment. The cost of consulting services depends on the duration of contract and the specific tasks to be performed. We know that all nonprofits have limited budgets.

About Augment Founder, Nancy Neal

“Nancy explained each of the services Augment provided for us. She took me step-by-step through our annual campaign, describing not only what we needed to do, but why. She helped me put each activity in perspective. That helped me know how much time to devote to each part of the campaign. I realize now what a wonderful education process this was for me personally. Our agency expected finished products for our annual campaign. I know we got much more.”

Nancy Neal’s passion is teaching fundraising and developing the skills of fundraising professionals and volunteers. She expects her clients and students to be highly successful in conveying their own passions.

Nancy spent her childhood in upstate New York and is a graduate of Cornell University. Today she lives in Aptos near Monterey Bay in California. A third generation entrepreneur, Nancy founded Augment in 1980.

When you work with Augment, you benefit from the expertise of a woman with extensive skills and experience in the nonprofit world. Nancy Neal has taken many roles in nonprofit organizations: staff member, volunteer, board member, and consultant.  She views an organization's issues from all sides and helps to create inspired solutions. Nancy understands the day-to-day operations of nonprofits that have limited resources.

“Nancy, It’s been a treat to work with you.”

Clients have called Nancy Neal flexible, professional, and competent. They have praised Augment's ability to keep the project on schedule and on budget, as well as Augment’s commitment to keep the client involved in the project.

Contact Augment to find out more about consulting services, training programs, and coaching.